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OpenTabb is an app design to make your night out as hassle free as possible. Open, view, and close your Tabb all from your phone with just a couple taps.  Our goal is making things easier for not just the users of the app, but bartenders and bar owners as well.  


The journey to OpenTabb began in the summer of 2020 with a simple mistake of the wrong tabb being closed at a brewery. That night, Founder Brian Butler, brainstormed the initial concepts of what would become OpenTabb. Through a mutual friend, Brian brought on tech guru Kyle Johnston as a Co-Founder who has worked hard to elevate OpenTabb to the next level.  Since then, the two have worked vigorously to get OpenTabb up and running from just a simple concept into a fully functional app.   


OpenTabb is currently trying to integrate into as many POS system as possible to expand our network of bars to as many as possible. If you are bar owner who is interested in getting OpenTabb into your bar, please send us an email and we will reach out to as quickly as possible.  


OpenTabb is currently headquartered in Richmond, Tx.